Sleep all day, up all night

Ever notice how the lack of and/or too much sleep can be indicative (and the cause) of problems? Too much sleep, for me, indicates my BFF depression is trying for an unwelcome visit.  Lack of sleep can indicate the same thing and can cause anxiety and agitation as well. This week I have done damage to my sleep schedule and I can’t help but think it’s due to the impending depression. It seems like at least once a year, I have to fall into this horrible dark place, go to the hospital for a few days, and then come home and rebuild. It’s kind of early this year…

Had a tough day at physical therapy today. I was there for three hours, an hour longer than usual. The physical therapist thinks I may require even more sessions. I can’t lift up onto the balls of my feet yet, at all. Hopefully I only have a month or so left of this. It’s been over four months since I got hurt.


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