Stressed beyond belief

I have to have a job by April 1st. That’s next week.

There is a limitation on what I can do also. Because of my ankle, I am unable to be on my feet for more than 30-45 minutes at a time. That pretty much limits me to jobs where I’m sitting down and babysitting. My mom seems pretty damn serious this time about kicking me out too. I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do.I will end up living in my car because I have nowhere else to go. I will then end up failing school and will never be able to find a decent job.

Why my mom has to be such a cunt about this is beyond me. If she thinks she’s teaching me a lesson, she’s not. She’s really only teaching me to hate her.


4 thoughts on “Stressed beyond belief

  1. Have you looked into being a teacher’s aide at one of the schools near you? I have DID, PTSD, etc etc etc and I worked for several years as a teachers aide and no one ever knew I had any problem other then that I didn’t like my parents…

    The other thing I can tell you is that I was homeless when I was in college. I was living several hours from my parents yet my father kept coming up to the city the college I was attending was in and “bothering” me. After one of his visits I was in the hospital so the Sorority I was living in put a restraining order on him. The alums of the Sorority didn’t like this and without ANY warning kicked me out onto the streets. They put everything I owned into the back of my pickup, in the rain, and said they didn’t care when I went I just had to leave. I had spent all of my student loan money on classes and living at the said Sorority and thus had no where to go. I managed. I graduated. I have a good job. You can overcome this, if you want to…

  2. Having a mental illness would be somewhat easier to overcome at this point but my ankle is another story. Being a teacher’s aide requires you to be able to stand on your feet and also be quick on your feet, which I’m not able to do right now.

  3. Well, the classroom I worked in was with a group of kids in wheelchairs, so they only moved as quick as we did. We also spent most of the day sitting at desks helping kids with homework. What about a receptionist? Be creative… I know this is hard to hear, but you are only as stuck as you want to be…. and yes, I do truly know how hard it is to hear that!

  4. You’ll get something. Try for office work. Chase is hiring for temp scanning and faxing. They sit at table all day. $9/hr or more…

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