Revelation of the morning:

My mother and father have helped to  make me an emotional cripple. They have made it so that I am afraid to become emotionally dependent on anyone and I’m confused as to what to do most of the time. I either become intensely obsessed and unable to separate myself from those who obviously don’t reciprocate my intense feelings or I am unable to make a connection at all. It’s a terribly uncomfortable feeling.

I guess this is what the professionals like to call emotional invalidation. Whenever I have reached out to someone for emotional validation, I haven’t received it. My grandparents are probably the only people in the world that I don’t question regarding their emotional dedication to me. Do you know what it’s like to feel like there is doubt regarding your parents love? It feels horrible.


3 thoughts on “Revelation of the morning:

  1. You are so right. I was such”a good girl” till I grew up. When they cold not control me. Huh look what they did to me though. I can’t keep friends, family or my children all lost how clumsy of me. My own children don’t care. That is a hard one.

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