rant of the evening

people without mental illness (yes, they do exist) don’t understand what it’s like to have one

yes, everyone gets sad.

yes, everyone gets angry.

it’s not the same. if you think it is, you need to stop being so ignorant. it’s not “cool” to be sad. it’s not “cool” to cut or self injure. it’s not “cool” to have an eating disorder. it’s a part of a horrible life for some very unlucky individuals.

it’s the most uncomfortable, horrible feeling to be depressed. it’s the worst to feel like your mind does what it wants when it wants and you have no control. it’s the fucking worst when you have this itch and there’s no way to scratch it.

stop making fun of it. stop trying to make it a trend. it’s real and it’s fucking horrible.


6 thoughts on “rant of the evening

  1. This is soo true. There was so many people who disowned me when I became really ill last year. When people, who didn’t know, ask where I’ve been recently (as I have just been discharged after being in hospital for six months) I feel I can’t tell them why I was in hospital as it seems like wouldn’t really understand. I can just really, really relate to what you have written x

  2. Really, do people without mental illness exist? Actually, right now it seems like almost everyone else I know in real life are normal except me…
    It’s so true that sone people need to get educated about mental illness. I deal with depression, self harm and eating issues and it’s not fun. In high school especially, people liked to make fun if self harm, sure annoyed and offended me. Now I’m out if high school, seems like people may have grown up a bit…maybe…
    Take care,

  3. So true! I dare them to try BPD and be in our shoes for a day. The raw emotions, the excruciating pain. Mental illness is not something you just snap out of.
    And yet we endure. We’re not that weak.

  4. Hey! Thanks for sharing your story. I can really relate to what you are talking about. Its really hard for people to understand and relate to these kinds of problems when they haven’t been through it before and often times, they seem very insensitive and it just hurts you more.

    I have been through those feelings before and its horrible to feel that out of control. Best of luck and I hope things get better :). Even if its just online, you always have people like us around who understand.

  5. Oh and PS- i hope you don’t mind that I added you to my blog roll! Looking forward to reading more.

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