Feel like going cwazy!

Ever have those moments, call them nervous breakdowns or psychotic breaks, where you fee like just running around, screaming and breaking things? I feel like that right now. I’ve been pretty calm and collected today. In fact, felt pretty blasé.  Maybe that should have been the warning before the storm? I don’t know how much more I can handle of this shitty stress. It seems like I never get a break. As soon as I’m not worrying about one thing, another makes itself known. I kind of feel like saying “fuck it” and giving up a lot of the times.


4 thoughts on “Feel like going cwazy!

  1. I’m so alone and depressed this past week. Don’t know if it’s due to changing my meds. I’m sure that doesn’t help. But for the past 7 days I have felt like I need to email my Psychiatrist, to let him know that I’m unraveling. I am seriously depressed, very very lonely and feel that I have NO friends. Even the 1 friend that I’ve been closest to for 9 years. Convinced no one cares. I can’t tell anyone that I’m ill. They don’t get it, cuz they can’t see it. I’m SOOOOO tired of people (even my own family) think I should just snap out of it and “quit acting crazy”. I have lost 5 more friends this week. I got pissed off and felt they used me and then abandoned me when I was no longer needed to serve their selfish purpose. I’ m alienated and lonely. All I need is ONE PERSON, in my life that GET IT! So offended that even when people know the I have “some kind of issue” they chose to ignore it when it’s not convenient for them to deal with. Right now I have a bad attitued, last night I had thoughts of not wanting to struggle anymore. The phrase “I hate you , don’t leave me”! is so relevant to the way I feel. There is nothing more painful than real OR perceived Abandonment. I feel like I’m going to end up in a Psych ward, or dead. It sucks.

    • It is hard, every day is a struggle. Don ‘t give up that is too easy it is harder to struggle on and there will be good times trust me. So sorry to hear of your pain. Keep the faith we all know what you feel like, no -one else does

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