Feeling good, running on high

I am running on a high that I don’t want to come down from. It’s not the result of any drug or alcohol. It’s not from cutting or branding. It’s from contentment and the strange, overpowering feeling that I may just make it. I’ve been working in the DBT workbook for a couple days now and I had pretty much convinced myself it was “new age” bullshit. Not the best attitude to come into it with, I agree, but it’s how I felt about it. I’m about 50 pages in and I can already see a slight improvement in my coping. I had a day that normally would have put me in the fetal position and devastated me but I was able to handle it pretty well. Anytime a negative thought tried to enter my brain, I turned it around or pushed it out. I also tried several breathing exercises while on the road to help with my road rage.
Running this support group also makes me feel great. I feel like I’m helping others and also like they’re helping me. It’s pretty invigorating actually.
I can only hope and wish that tomorrow I feel the same way and I’m able to conquer any obstacles.


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