I’ve lost the drive

I had a 100% in my one class until a couple weeks ago. I totally lost the drive and discipline to stay with it. I now have a 55% and am scrambling to cover my ass. I also have to work on my final this week, which is due on Sunday. I am freaking the fuck out. I need someone to help me but who? I feel overwhelmed with school, starting a new job where I receive next to no training, and finding money to cover my bills. I have horrible stomach pains and my digestive system is freaking out due to my anxiety. I’m so sick of this shit.


3 thoughts on “I’ve lost the drive

  1. Gotta’ exercise, walk, cycle, run, etc. It really helped me a lot and I took my meds. I am 65 and still bipolar; take meds etc. Mostly symptom free since about 1990, but I started taking lithium in the mid-70’s. I was a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing for some 30 yrs. Am retired now; take lithium; not had anxiety, depression, mania, psychosis for a long time; like reading your blog. I was very lucky to respond very well to lithium; it turned me around 360 degrees to “normal” & all the exercise. Saw you on FB. Hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Thanks for reading Elizabeth. I would love to exercise but I’m recovering from an ankle injury so I’m still limited in what I can do. I would also love to be on meds, have been in the past, but I have no insurance or money.

  3. There is help. Check out the websites for the drug companies for the meds you’ve been taking; see what they offer. Then check with the women’s center, perhaps, to see if they can recommend a good psychiatrist for prescribing info. Maybe someone with a sliding scale?

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