I want to be babied when I’m sick, is that too much to ask for?

We all feel pretty miserable when we’re ill. It’s normal for us to want others to care for us, we yearn for the nurturing. Since I’ve become an adult, I no longer get taken care of when I’m sick, hurt, etc. and it really bothers me. When I was a child, I didn’t get all that much attention when I was sick either.  It comforts you and makes you feel secure to have someone there for you in your time of need, this doesn’t change as you get older. Just because we become adults with more responsibility, this doesn’t mean we are less deserving of love or attention. If anything, we probably need more since we have to deal with so much more than we did as a child. Am I wrong about this?

Someone come take care of me!


2 thoughts on “I want to be babied when I’m sick, is that too much to ask for?

  1. You deserve to be cared for when you are sick. Try to give yourself the kind of care you’re longing for. I’m sorry you aren’t getting what you need; I completely understand! It’s as if I was being “bad” by being sick as a kid, so I never got the tlc I so wanted. Now I refuse it because I’m so scared I won’t get it.

  2. i understand how you feel. My mother babied me even as a teenager when I was sick and was always at my beck and call. I think you feel better and recover faster when you feel like you have someone there to cook, kiss, and help you in your time of need. My husband sucks I can be throwing up right in front of his face and he continues watching tv. i am 7 months pregnant and I have to ask for a message (Usually half ass ones at that) no it’s not too much to ask I understand.

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