Journal entry 10/6/2007

Well here’s an update I guess. It’s been months since I’ve written. I not live at my Aunt’s. I’m not happy about it at all. The house was supposed to be cleaned before I moved in and it wasn’t. It smells awful. I finally got my room in a decent state. My bathroom was awful. I had to clean it so I wouldn’t have to keep going upstairs to her disgusting bathroom. I’m constantly cleaning not only my dishes but hers too. I’m always picking up shit in the kitchen and wiping stuff down. I don’t mind helping to keep the house clean. I kept the other place clean mostly on my own. Brandy never did shit. She’s not doing shit now. In fact, she has yet to stay one night here. She dropped off her shit and has been gone since.

I have gone months without a goddamn job, money, decent food, anything new for myself, etc. I have been told I would be thrown out on the street. My dad says he has no room, my mom won’t take me, and to my surprises my grandparents used the excuse that they’d be out of town too much for me to live there.

I lost Mo.  That makes me feel like shit. I really could use her right now too. I’ve started seeing Rebekah and Selena more. That, of course, would be a good thing except I cannot stand Amanda and Rebekah is not someone I would say thinks of me as a close friend. She doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve been without a car for almost a week now and all I’ve asked is for some help from my few friends in getting to and from work. I purposely wait for them to volunteer their help or if they can’t at least say that they wish they could. I get nothing. I don’t understand why because I’m always the first to ask if I can help and I do so.


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