This is getting to be more than a nuisance.

Just got sick again. This was the worst by far. About an hour of writhing and moaning in pain in the bathroom. Usually when I throw up, the pain goes away but, this time, it didn’t. This is getting really old. I’m watching what I eat and I’m taking my meds. I guess I need to call the doctor on Monday and tell them the 7th is too far away.


11 thoughts on “This is getting to be more than a nuisance.

  1. Have you tried to settle your stomach with Sprite or 7 up or peppermint? I know they help me with an upset stomach. Is it a sidafect of any new medicine you are taking?

  2. hey tiffany i dont know if you remember me or not, or maybe if you do you hate me…hell thats a strong possibility. but i thought i would say hi and see how you were doing, ive been thinking about you and checking out your blog and i wanted to talk to you if you care to hear anything i hate to say.
    my email is
    jen…aka itsmynightmare…aka that crazy bitch from a year ago who is now medicated and shal i say, sane-er

  3. well honestly lets start here…we were pretty close and have a ridiculous amount of things in common (BPD and such) and we got pretty close, i freaked out and pushed you away i was an asshole and here we are a year later. we met on the dreaded MDJ…

      • fair enough well i dont know what exactly triggered the memory but ive been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. we had so much in common bpd wise and i guess a part of me misses having someone that actually understood the weird shit in my head hahaha. so thats all i guess, if you wanna talk thats cool if you dont thats cool too, just thought i would reach out and see how you were doing and whats going on in your life.

      • I don’t mind talking but do know that it will be very difficult for me to trust you. What happened really hurt me at a time when I needed it like I needed a hole in my head.

  4. i understand, well here is my email or however you would like to talk…facebook? whatever works. trust is a huge issue with me too, i just had a huge falling out with one of the people i was closest to, but i think talking to people who share the same types of feelings and experiences is huge…trusting them or not.

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