Be honest, right.

People keep telling me to be honest; to be open about my feelings. I want to be. I yearn to be able to express myself without feeling like I will be abandoned. In the past, I have ruined so much but being truthful. How can I be sure the same won’t happen again? It feels good to be truthful, especially with those you care about. Why do I find it almost impossible? Even with people who have said they won’t leave me; I don’t believe them. Will I ever believe anyone?


One thought on “Be honest, right.

  1. Can sooooo empathise with you……i am trying to understand issues of dependency with my case manager and i feel the more i talk about it and tell the therapist how i feel the closer i am to having him ripped away from me too…..damned if u do……damned if u dont…… how can we understand these feelings when we feel threatened with perceived abandonment…….if he were to go i would be devasted…..

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