My opinion on self-injury

when someone invalidates your scars caused by self-harm, it can be quite invalidating to your emotions that you were feeling when you decided to self-harm.

note that i have “decided” boldfaced. self-harm is a decision just as much as being a smoker, drinking alcohol, or smoking weed is a decision. you’ve decided to participate in these outlets for your negative emotions. yes, i realize they ultimately become addictions. addictions are very hard to kick. they are not impossible though.

i’m sure many of you realize this but i thought i would clarify for those who don’t know: when you cut/burn/pick/etc., you release a chemical in your brain called endorphins, or endogenous opioids. These endorphins act as your body’s natural pain killer and give you that “high” you become so addicted to.

My therapist has put me on some amino acids called 5htp and DL-Phenylalanine to help curb my cravings for pain pills and the endorphins released when I burn. I think they’re starting to work. I’ve been on them for about a week now.

If you need help quitting, please seek professional help. Tell them the truth when you visit, tell them why it is you SI and when; be completely open with them. I want all of you to start a revolution with me: the “I don’t need to harm my body anymore because of anyone else” revolution.


One thought on “My opinion on self-injury

  1. I refer to my scars as “battle scars.” No longer a cutter myself, I decided to look back on them with pride. I survived. That way, I don’t have to feel ashamed and cover them up.

    “Pain heals, chicks dig scars, and glory lasts forever!”

    It gets better.

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