mood charts for BPD?

my therapist gave me a mood chart

for the week. i have been having such horrible mood swings and she wants them documented. the issue i’m having is this: you’re meant to document your moods for the day. i experience mood swings by the minute and sometimes hour. how do i show that? is there a special mood chart for BPDs? if not, there should be.


3 thoughts on “mood charts for BPD?

  1. There is a method of categorizing your swings into mild moderate and severe, and then simply recording when you have them during the day in a notebook. While you are doing that, you will get a better sense of what your triggers are. It also helps when learning coping skills, because you can see what works and what doesn’t and under what circumstances. Honestly, the best way to go about it is to make your own: safety plans, coping mechanisms, and the symptoms you get.

  2. Normally I just split up the boxes of my mood charts depending on how many swings I’ve had in the day. I’ve yet to see a specific chart for bpd but if you have a one with boxes for each day, just split them up.

  3. I was given one ages ago (it isn’t directly for BPD but just a mood one) that required you to fill it out 5 times a day and rate yourself 1-5 (which I hated), it also needed you to write down what you were up too etc. I’ll dish them out and share them if you’ve not found anything. I definitely found it helpful, I was able to discover possible triggers.

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