i can smell the depression

yes, it does have a smell.

it does for me at least. i’ve been quite melancholy since my return from the hospital this past week. even though the pain is subsiding, the days spent in bed are becoming unbearably long. i plan on returning to work on Tuesday. i don’t know what to expect. hopefully things will improve.

my BPD hasn’t really messed with me much, if at all, this past week. the meds i’ve been on have caused some nasty mood swings and high agitation but it’s starting to improve on that front as well. maybe i’m just in a funk? i sure hope so.


One thought on “i can smell the depression

  1. i cant smell depresion but i can sense bad things before they happen and the problem is they allways do i dont like them feeling neither wish i got that feeling when something good happens my BDP hasnt touched me for the last few weeks either im on a good run at the moment

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