I feed off of pity and attention. I am a pity/attention vacuum.

I realized this while sitting in the doctor’s office this afternoon. I enjoy being in medical and psychological offices far too much. I enjoy the waiting, the checking in, and ultimately seeing the doctor/psychiatrist. It’s not because I’m a hypochondriac. I’m there because I have legitimate issues. I enjoy the attention and the “pity”. As long as the person giving it is actually warm and caring, it’s a very nurturing environment for me.
This is why it’s almost impossible for me to end these relationships even when they’ve only existed for a short time.
Am I the only one?


8 thoughts on “I feed off of pity and attention. I am a pity/attention vacuum.

  1. You are not alone. I really enjoy being in the hospital and enjoy the doctors office thing as well.

    I had a surgery back a few years ago and I asked for an extra few days in the hospital because i said i didn’t feel ready to go home. They gave it to me. Really i just wanted the pity and for people to care for me and be compassionate.

    I have had two babies in the hospital. each time I wound up with an extra day due to complications and I ATE IT UP. All of that attention.

    I’m not a hypochondriac, i’m like you. I just enjoy the attention.

    don’t feel alone.

      • My email address comes through to you since I included it. Feel free to email me and we can talk if you like. We do seem to be a lot alike.

        I have a sleep study coming up next friday. That’s like 9-12 hours of constant attention. Sort of creepy since they WATCH you sleep….but it’s still attention.

  2. I’m like this too. I love going to a counselor and having someone really listen and support me… so sad that we have to go to these places for this….

  3. You’re not the only one and I can definitely relate. Wanting people to care is something that I crave, and I guess visiting a psych or pdoc can give that to us. When I ended up in hospital a part of me didn’t want to leave because I wanted to feel looked after.

    Take care,

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