Inpatient Journal Entry January 21 830am

Less than two months until my 27th birthday. It’s hard to fathom a whole year has passed by.

I got extremely agitated at breakfast this morning. Too much was going on and loud mouths equals me having a mini freak out.

Eileen is leaving tomorrow, I think. I’m more secure in my feelings about this because I’ve met Lindsay.

I’m tired and depressed today.


One thought on “Inpatient Journal Entry January 21 830am

  1. Thanks for liking the post, Tiffany. In fact, I feel a bit guilty because I am not having that much troubles with BPD as you people have. Occasional trouble and I try to make a lot of humor out of it which kindoff feels better. Be glad that there are lots of people who understands you. Humor can help you quite a lot. Looking one way, the whole life’s a big joke, right? At least we have something to make fun of ourselves. And we all are special. Not like those normal idiots who are millions in number. Take Care.

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