My mom, what a piece of work she is.

My mom is a control freak with OCD, BPD, and depression. This is my diagnosis of her, not a professionals. She won’t see a professional because she doesn’t think she’s got issues.

I look back and I see the things she’s done to me and my family and it’s so clear to me. Most of it was done to me though and I guess that’s why it’s so evident.

She used to take me into her bathroom when I was a Senior in high school and pop zits and black heads on my face, against my will. It hurt and she wouldn’t stop, even when I was crying and telling her it hurt. The only funny thing I can get out of that experience is that one time I was rolling and she was unaware that she was “blowing” me up. Crazy shit, I know.

I mentioned last night how controlling she was about what I ate. She did this into my early adult years. I blame her for how I feel about food and my body. I feel that if she would have allowed me to make choices, I would have eventually made the right ones.

I know it’s classic shit for me to blame my mom for my mental woes but.. I mean come on! She really deserves some of the blame. I know it’s all ultimately up to me how much I allow her to affect me but still, it’s easier to blame someone else.


One thought on “My mom, what a piece of work she is.

  1. your mother sounds like mine in some ways. You don’t have to pay for her insecurities. At least you’re working on it; she’ll never get better. If my mother had the courage to admit she’s got issues she’d crumble. So who’s the strong one here?

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