Mini update

So my ARNP prescribed me Inderal, a blood pressure med, today for my anxiety.

It’s super cheap (9.99 for generic, 60 count, 10mg at Walgreens with the RX savings card) and it worked the first time I took it!

It’s meant to help with the physical symptoms of anxiety, mainly racing heart rate. I have been struggling with horrible agoraphobia because I am so anxious to go out in public places by myself. I went to a support group tonight and took my first pill 20 minutes ahead of time and it worked!

On a side note: She thinks I may have adult ADD. She is prescribing Ritalin for me to start in two weeks at our next appointment. Hopefully it will help me focus on school work.

I am in the midst of applying and filling out numerous novels for SSDI (social security disability income). It is extremely nerve wracking and stressful. I also applied for food stamps earlier tonight.

Luckily, my depression is finally under control. I still have that underlying “low” feeling all of the time but I am no longer suicidal or wanting to burn myself. It’s been about two months!

Sunday is my birthday and I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing in my 27 years here on Earth. It’s pretty shitty but I’ll manage, I guess. Another year, well… whatever.


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