Trying to be nice has ended yet another fucked up “friendship”.

My somewhat decent mood is gone now, thanks for that. We haven’t been friends for awhile, it’s been a facade.

I sent those messages to you, and everyone else in my address book, to be nice. I figured that it would be a nice pick-me-up and positive message. How unappreciative and two faced you turned out to be. I knew you were selfish and narcissistic but I didn’t think you were that bad.

Go ahead, call me borderline. Say I’m just like my mom. Whatever you can throw at me. I may cry or get depressed, but I’ll be better tomorrow. I’ll feel relief that I’ve finally cut ties with a self absorbed bitch.

I’m finally done with you and your drama. I’m done caring about you and your life. You’ve changed and not for the better. Good luck with your girlfriend and have a nice life. I’m done with you.


One thought on “Trying to be nice has ended yet another fucked up “friendship”.

  1. It always sucks when you try to do something nice and it’s thrown back in your face in the worst way possible. Keep your chin up!

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