You wanna know why I burn?

“You wanna know why I burn myself? I do it to feel something, anything. Physical pain is far better than emotional numbness and stagnation. Guilt and self-loathing is far better than emptiness. Whenever I need that jolt back to reality, escape from my racing thoughts and overanalyzing, I just let go and feel.”


2 thoughts on “You wanna know why I burn?

  1. I cut when I don’t like something I have done, I burn when I feel Mired down by depression, so heavy i need a focal point. i described it to my Father once, It’s like a small pinprick of light, the longer and harder i burn the more intense it feels, making my depression something small so i can go on with my life. I live n a supported situation with a 24 hr staff, they stopped taking ,my lighter away for now it’s been about 6 months since i burned last. They stopped just taking my lighter away when they realized i don’t burn with my lighter (gets too hot) i light my cigarettes and use them. Cigs are good to because they are exactly like a pinprick I can focus on other wise i would just use my stove. anyhow just passing through wanted to let someone know they are not alone, and help me realize that i am not either.


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