My past is blank

Why do I not remember my childhood? What happened to make me want to forget? Did anything at all happen or do I just have a horrendous memory? I wish there were a way to remember but I highly doubt that anyone would be able to hypnotize me. I want to know but will it open a whole new can of painful worms if I find out? I remember vague accounts of traumatic events from my childhood, but that’s it.

When my family retells events, I don’t remember them the same way they do. It’s all a big mystery to me and I yearn to know.


One thought on “My past is blank

  1. The traumatic events stick out to me more than the happy ones. Even if I don’t remember them as being happy, I tell myself that they must have been. There must have been a time before the depression. I don’t necessarily remember it, but I have to believe it.

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