I suck.

There’s something wrong with me. Everyone else sees it but me. I am currently at risk for being homeless and I still don’t feel the urgency to do something about it. The logical part of me says I need to find a job Asap. The emotion is not there. This isn’t the first time this has happened and yet it still doesn’t seem real to me. What is wrong with me?


6 thoughts on “I suck.

  1. I would say dissociation is allowing you not to freak out. Distancing you from the situation, protecting you for now from the ultimate freakout that might occur if you dealt with it all at once. Dissociation is a good friend to me 80% of the time. I wouldn’t call it something wrong, just something.

  2. It keeps me alive. The difference between dissociation and avoidance is that dissociation is involuntary and avoidance is a choice. For me dissociation is when my body shuts my brain down because it knows if it doesn’t I will surely implode.

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