I know you’re probably sick of hearing about my awesome, hot therapist, but…

Today she just solidified her awesomeness, in my book at least. She shared with me something that was probably not too easy for her to share and I respect her for that, as well as love the fact that we have a relationship where she feels that she can do so.

We were playing “catch up”, since it’s been two weeks, and we covered quite a bit of ground. One major revelation was my new job and how awesome it is. It’s perfect for me, as in  it fits my personality, as well as I just needed a job. As we were discussing the details and joking about personal experiences with anti-choice protesters, she informed me that she had had an abortion in her early 20s. She went on to explain the story to me and it just further proved to me that what I will be doing is essential and needed. She told me about one of the days, in particular, when she went to the clinic, when there were protesters yelling at her.

” There were all of these men. I was furious because they were men. They have zero say in this! Zero. And they were pointing at me and yelling at me. I didn’t know what was going on. I was in pain physically and I didn’t know if I should act on my anger and confront these men or if I should ignore them and go inside. The escort came out of nowhere and swooped down, put her hand on my shoulder and walked me inside. She comforted me and made me feel safe.”

This was just amazing for me to hear. I want to do this for people. I hate that my job has to exist but I want to do a good job at it. I want to comfort people. Do I believe I’ll be out there saving lives and comforting every soul I meet? No, of course not. I just hope to be a friendly face to greet them when they may not expect it.

My therapist then proceeded to ensure me that she does not regret her decision. It’s been at least ten years and she still thinks about it occasionally but she’s moved on with her life and has put her past behind her. There was no “psychological trauma or scarring” like so many would lead you to believe.

I respect the shit out of this woman.

This beautiful, beautiful woman.

Who also likes Fleet Foxes.



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