No one likes me because of, me.

So, I keep being completely invalidated, as a woman and as a person by people who I thought we potential new friends/acquaintances and it’s really taking a toll. I am trying to make friends and have a social life outside of my one (Chris), but it’s really proving to be hard. I keep thinking it’s me that’s the problem, because they’re all ultimately saying the same thing in the end: don’t take things so personally or don’t be so emotional/sensitive.
When I try to vent or look for validation from others, I don’t feel like I’m getting it. Maybe I am being too touchy? Then I tell myself that that is who I am and I shouldn’t have to change myself for others. I’m so confused. I want to be likeable but I don’t want to stray too far away from who I am. I feel like such a recluse at times because I just end up keeping everything bottled up instead of sharing so I don’t set anyone off. I’m sick of being ganged up on. My beliefs, my personality, emotionality; it all seems to be too much once people spend more time with me.


One thought on “No one likes me because of, me.

  1. Hey,

    I just read your post and I don’t think there is anything wrong with you.

    I say this because I feel exactly the same way you do. Its not a good place to be and its very confusing to the psyche.
    I know it hurts a lot when you try to talk to people and they don’t understand….sometimes when I try to talk to people I end up feeling worse. I know there is nothing wrong with being sensitive.

    Please don’t change who you are. From what I read you seem like a good person, just misunderstood because the people in your life probably don’t understand how its like to be sensitive. I find that less sensitive people (the type that probably tell you not to take things so personally) lack a certain level of empathy and can’t put themselves in your shoes and imagine how you must feel.

    There is nothing wrong with you. I hope that one day you will find someone that understands your emotions and feelings and won’t make you feel like you have something wrong with you.

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