So, symptom I get to deal with that we don’t know quite what it is yet, could be seizures:

I’m sitting on the computer, usually doing homework or surfing the web, and suddenly the room begins to feel like it’s moving and the bed is moving and I feel pressure in my head and behind my eyes and then my eyes feel like they’re rapidly moving back and forth but I don’t think they are. My focus isn’t blurry or anything. Then everything gets REALLY loud and that includes the voice in my head. Suddenly it sounds like a freight train in my head. The tapping on my keyboard is like pounding. My voice is yelling in my head. I feel like I’m going insane and I can’t stop it. All I can do is wait it out. This has been happening for at least 6 years now, off an on. I thought they were panic attacks so I never mentioned them. Well, they got more frequent so I finally mentioned them. My ARNP said, without hesitation, that it sounded like a seizure. I got a EKG done and it was normal but with signs of drowsiness so now I am going to be tested for narcolepsy. None of my meds can be changed until I see this doctor and speak to him. The more I learn about this, the scarier it is. Hormones can trigger seizures and/or migraines in women as they get older. My meds I’m on could be the reason. It could be aura caused by either migraines or seizures, we don’t know. I really don’t have headaches but the women in my family do. I did have a head injury when I was young. Could that have contributed? So many questions and all I want are answers so I can treat it. I’m getting shuffled around by the free clinic system and I really can’t complain because it’s all free. I’m just frustrated and tired and depressed. I want some relief.


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