I will do it.

I start a sexual abuse therapy group next Thursday, and I am not going to lie, I could throw up with nervous anticipation. I hope that I’m ready, and stable, enough to tackle the issue of sexual abuse right now. This is an amazing opportunity that I don’t want to lose, but I am very anxious.

I haven’t even really gone in to specifics with my individual therapist yet, and here I am about to tell a room of strangers. What I’m most nervous about is the possible perceived judgment. Logically, I know that they’re not going to talk I’ll about my situation or guilt me, but my feelings say a whole other thing.

It’s time to begin the healing process. I’m sick of ignoring this issue, pushing it down because it’s uncomfortable. I’m done.


2 thoughts on “I will do it.

  1. Understanding your nervousness, understand there will be others who feel just as aprehensive and that by the time 2-3 talk, each will see that you are Sisters. That sharing this experience will take a bit of the burden of this secret, to some degree. I hold you in high reguard. I have been thru sexual abuse groups and have found a measure of relief and freedom in the process.

    You are doing it. You are done carrying and stuffing down the past, which is gone, over, and is only brought back in your mind to interfere with life today. You are done.

    May you find trust in yourself and the group. And peace be the the feeling regained in the process.

    Love and light prevail Sister ❤

  2. Great post. Good luck as you face the group process as well as your own demons. I know it’s never easy and totally get how you’re feeling.

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