couples counseling

What fun that was! I was told that I don’t help enough around the house, which makes him feel taken advantage of. I was also told that I nag too much and that he’s scared he’ll look into my room one day and find me dead.

I don’t know how to process this. I’m devastated on one hand, but agitated on the other. It’s nice to know he cares, now, but when I’m in the deep depths of depression, I need to know then.

I’m so emotionally exhausted right now. I keep looking at my arms and wanting to shred them to pieces.

3 thoughts on “couples counseling

  1. Would you try to just sit quietly with yourself, step back from the situation and maybe reverse thing. Imagine you in the other chair, his, and how you would see the bpd in action in the other. It’s tough knowing how to interact with me when I’m in the ‘throws’ of symptoms, try to picture empathy for you, and him. Instead of doing harm, try self soothing gently. Try mindfulness, in this moment. The appt is over, and now here you are, do you want to try some different way of responding? If nothing changes, nothing changes. I can not expect some one else to change, if somethings ‘gotta’ change, I’ve gotta do the work. Easy does it Sister. Love you, bless you on your journey ❤

    • I ended up sleeping instead of harming. I wanted to eat a bunch of klonopin but I managed to avoid it. I feel the need to punish myself for making anyone feel guilt, fear, or regret. I shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

  2. Sooo glad you slept! Sooooglad you managed! You are not THAT powerful that you can MAKE anyone feel….anything…..I am responsible for the reaction, response I have to things that people say or do. I get to choose how I will respond or ‘take in’ things others do/say. If you asked me if I wanted to eat icecream, I could yell that I ‘HAVE A TOOTH ACHE! I CAN’T EAT ICE CREAM!’ or I could say, ‘no thank you’. Either way, I choose how to respond/react. One could say they hate the color of my hair. So what! I don’t need their validation! I picked the color I liked. A different way of viewing what we say, hear, and do.

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