7 thoughts on “i want to die

  1. This is something that I have experienced a few times over. It will pass. It will be better. You are strong enough to do whatever it is to be safe. It is not easy, you will learn new things. You will possibly be glad for the strength you learn you have in you. We need to recognise that we are here for a reason, and to learn what that reason is. Darling, you are about to discover things about your inner strength that one only learns thru seeming adversity like these. I Bless you on your journey beautiful Spirit ❤

  2. well that isn’t good, it’s only going downhill from here. Maybe it’s for the best, you will save yourself a lifetime of suffering if you just get rid of the problem that is your life.

      • love the troll remark – if it weren’t for trolls I would never eat. I wish I had something profound to say but I don’t. I have spent 30 years where you are (bipolar sucks) and still feel the same way. funky junkie doesn’t have a clue – nothing but a smart-ass flippant remark by someone that doesn’t “get” that nobody chooses this kind of misery.

  3. i want to die top.i just cannot take this life anymore. life sucks !!
    im the loneliest person ever on earth.noone loves .no one needs me. im just all alone.
    im a loser. everyone around mehate
    s me and makes me feel even worse .i feel like shit. my mother hates me an
    d i hate myself even more.
    i want to die .

  4. Look you people I have gone and lost just everything one can imagine and yes I felt like I would be better off dead. I hung on how I don’t really know but glad I did. So please hang on in there. So you lose you apartment I lost my wonderful farm where I worked 24/7 I now live in a dump but hey I am managing to crawl my way out so DO NOT GIVE UP as bad as it may seem right now don’t let the bastards win! You can do it! If I did anyone can

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