i think i may need help soon *trigger warning for self injury*

I think I’m falling apart and quickly. I am currently surviving hour by hour, which feels awful. I want to sleep and take pills all day and not do anything.
I was rejected by someone I liked and it’s because I’m fucking crazy.
I want to die.


2 thoughts on “i think i may need help soon *trigger warning for self injury*

  1. Please go to the hospital! Yes you need more help than I or anyone thru cyberspace can offer. Please reach out for the help you deserve! You are worth so much more than you see at this time! Besides, if you were to do as your arm says, you will only be coing back to learn the things you have not yet learned! You don’t wanna come back to this , do you?So get the help you need to work thru and past this hard stuff to the best part of your life! I love you Sister! And I bless you on your journey beautiful, wonderful, worthy Sister!

    • I know I need to. I want to. But I have no money/insurance so they’ll send me to the bad “hospital” where the homeless drunks are sent. I can’t go back there. I also have to finish school work or I’ll be in trouble with financial aid and then there’s my job. I want to go get help but I can’t.

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