Sexual Assault Group

I have 7 more group classes for sexual assault. I feel like I’m going to make it through all week until I’m right in the middle of the group, and especially after. I feel like death. I feel so drained and numb. I have a feeling this is not going to the end-all, be-all for my recovery. Hearing what happened to everyone in the group is so triggering, each and every week. I understand that it’s necessary to heal, but that doesn’t make it any less shitty. I may have to continue to take a Klonopin before each group. I was avoiding it but it seems that it may be essential to my emotional well-being afterward.

This group is further solidifying the misandrist in me.

2 thoughts on “Sexual Assault Group

  1. It really worries me the triggering affect of groups like these. I’m sure it must be wrong that you need to take meds to get you through a group session, although I completely understand you doing it. I hope you can find a safe way to get through the rest of the groups and find recovery.

  2. I was offered group therapy, but declined for just the reasons you describe. I suffered awful multi sensory flashbacks to my abuse. With the support of my amazing CPN I secured 1:1 therapy. The therapist used case conceptualisation. This has helped me put the past in the past. If I have a flashback or nightmare now, I can rationalise it and say “ok, that was bad at the time, but it isn’t happening now, it is just a memory”. I have been able to move forward in my recovery. I hope you can find a therapy that can help you like this.
    Hang on in there, recovery is possible.

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