i’m overwhelmed

i honestly don’t know how i’m keeping it together right now because i just want to cry and fall apart and just breathe!!!! but i have to act like everything is okay but in all actuality my stomach hurts 98% of the time and i can’t eat anything and i’m not sleeping well and i’m so stressed and so anxious and on the verge of tears and a break down at any moment and i have no one to talk to, which is the most painful part.


3 thoughts on “i’m overwhelmed

  1. hey!
    are you ok? i see you didn’t post anything in quite some time. i just discovered your blog, and even though i don’t have BPD, i can relate to this post…
    i hope you’re safe.

  2. I only got yo read this now!
    I hope in the past couple if months since writing your blog u have found things a little easier!!

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