I’m bipolar, too

So, it’s been a few years and with Facebook and Tumblr, I completely forgot about this maniacal corner of the Internet I seem to think is important.


Yet here I am, again. It’s 3am and I just had a cleansing cry. I was officially diagnosed bipolar, on top of everything else. I even had a recent manic episode.


I told my bipolar cousin today and she wasn’t surprised at all. In fact, she said she could have told me sooner. She reminded me of previous mania and I was flabbergasted that I have completely pushed them out of my memory. It all came flooding back today. The pain that accompanied it was so intense. For so long, I lost. I had no one and was constantly searching for help. Wow.


It’s going to be hard to grieve and process this. It’s so upended.

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