You’re an attention seeker!

Stop shitting all over people. Stop it right now. Don’t undermine and invalidate other people because you’re ignorant to their intentions or feelings. Just because you’ve never been there or that’s not how you would handle it, that doesn’t make it wrong.

Too many times, we hear that we’re attention seeking, perpetually depressed, or sometimes people actually believe that what the mentally ill are experiencing is a stage. A period of time that ALL people go through and you just need to get over it. That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works!

If I choose to wallow in my mood by listening to music and watching movies and blogging, then let me! If you choose to exercise and clean, or whatever happens to improve your mood for that moment, then have a blast! Not everyone processes things the same way and we all need to find our niche. Once we do, it’s comforting.

Coming onto Tumblr, and other sites with mentally ill/dark blogs, is a comfort and release for many of us. It’s a way to seek support and possibly vent. Why is this frowned upon? Some people don’t have anywhere else to go.

When I was first diagnosed 10 years ago, there was no internet comparable to the way it is now. There was MySpace and horribly stigmatic psychological information to digest. The first groups that began springing up were poorly run and ended up being suicide watch instead of a support for all involved. Tumblr came around and I was absolutely thrilled. I could be open and not be judged. It was fabulous!

Why do we have this incessant desire to share our hopelessness, our fears, and our behaviors online for all to read and, sadly, judge us? There’s something about “getting it out there” that is promising to us. We need it out of us and out there, into the world. We need it to be real.